About Purchase Guard

Purchase Guard is an online service that enables merchants and their shoppers to resolve disputes in a fair, transparent and efficient manner with the help of a third-party. Purchase Guard is the entity that sits between the merchant and the shopper when the two parties disagree on something related to an online transaction.

For online shoppers, if something goes wrong when shopping with a Purchase Guard-powered merchant, Purchase Guard will facilitate communication between you and the merchant until your dispute is resolved to your satisfaction. Sometimes these disputes are simple misunderstandings and can be resolved quickly, while other times disputes can be more complex. Regardless of the nature of the dispute, Purchase Guard’s representatives will search for a solution until you, the shopper, are fully satisfied.

The goal of Purchase Guard is to provide shoppers everywhere with greater peace of mind. If you are a merchant and are interested in using Purchase Guard’s services to resolve disputes with your clients, however rarely they occur, feel free to get in touch.