What is Purchase Guard?

Purchase Guard is a dispute resolution platform that aims to enable online shoppers and merchants to resolve disputes in an easy, transparent and fair manner, to the satisfaction of all parties. We represent the interests of shoppers and merchants, taking all facts into consideration when resolving disputes to the satisfaction of all parties.

Who are the Purchase Guard representatives?

Purchase Guard has assembled a team of representatives that are experienced in resolving disputes between shoppers and merchants. Together, these representatives are responsible for delivering peace-of-mind to shoppers and a simple, stress-free dispute resolution experience for merchants.

Why use Purchase Guard?

There are several advantages of using Purchase Guard rather than complaining to a merchant or card company directly:

  • Purchase Guard’s representatives deal with various cases on a daily basis, and are experienced at finding solutions that meet the needs and wishes of both the shopper and the merchant.
  • Purchase Guard takes on the burden of dealing with the merchant, so the shopper doesn’t need to get into any arguments or face the stress of making his/her case directly to a merchant.
  • Purchase Guard’s service is for free to shoppers who make purchases from Purchase Guard-powered merchants.

What does Purchase Guard do?

Purchase Guard provides the mediation layer between the shopper and the merchant in disputes regarding online shopping transactions. Whenever a shopper is unsatisfied with a transaction (e.g., something went wrong with a purchase), that shopper can file a dispute with Purchase Guard and leave Purchase Guard’s representatives to resolve the matter with the merchant concerned. The goal of Purchase Guard is to negotiate with the merchant and to reach a solution that is acceptable to both sides of the dispute.